Delivery within the United States, if the painting has a price of more than $ 5,000, is carried out personally by the ASA team to the buyer's door.

Certain categories, United States citizens, United States residents are eligible for the discount. Persons with disabilities, born or injured in the course of life and do not have business income. US military personnel, US military personnel retired at the end of the contract. Firefighters, police officers are serving or have completed their service, retirement. Delivery for all these citizens is carried out by the ASA team personally, to the door.

The discount for these citizens is calculated: A painting has a value below $ 100,000 - a 95% discount. Karina is above $ 100,000 - a discount of 97% or more, depending on the price of the painting. Karinas below the cost of $ 4.000 do not qualify for the discount

The paintings are not sold to certain categories of people outside the United States, in accordance with moral and ethical standards, regardless of the value of the painting, and are established depending on the situation and through study.

The paintings of the author Stanislav are sold only in the original, the only version, without further copying by the author.
Natalia's paintings are sold in originals and posters, the price of a poster depends on the region of delivery.