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To live life wisely, you need to know a lot,Remember two important rules to start with:It is better to starve than to eat anything;It is better to be alone - than with just anyone! 
                                                  Omar Khayyam           

Do not love money - they willl be deceived.
Do not love women - they will be deceived.

The best wine is freedom!                             


                                                        Folk wisdom

My site is not just a page on the Internet, it is my world, my planet, my rules and principles. I know well the world around me and what it is like. He is still far from his best position and I do not know if he will get better or you are people, destroy your Motherland, planet Earth and yourself ?! Many in this world think only about their stomachs and pockets with money, turning into plastic dolls with a plastic soul, while most people live in poverty, many do not have water and simple food. But I believe the Light will win!